Terms & Conditions

  1. All skip bins hired out by Green Skips Qld to the customer will remain the property of Green Skips Qld. The customer will have no right to claim ownership over the title of the skip bin or have any interest in the skip bin outside hire period.
  2. Payment must be made by customer before or on delivery by credit card, cash or direct deposit (exception is account customers). Green Skips Qld drivers do not carry change for cash payments, please have correct amount.
  3. Green Skips Qld is a curb side delivery service. If our truck is required to enter the customers property or site it will be under the direction of the customer. Green Skips Qld will not be liable for any damage to land or property during bin delivery and pickup. This includes but is not limited to driveways, grass, garden beds, curbs, fences, cars or vehicles, carports, garages, houses or other structures.
  4. Skip bins are to remain in the position they are delivered – please do not move them. If moved and not easily accessible a $100 retrieval fee will apply. Furthermore, if Green Skips Qld are required to call on the services of other machinery e.g., crane to retrieve the skip bin it will be at the cost of the customer. It is also the responsibility of the customer to organise a council permit if the skip is to be placed on public land.
  5. Heavy waste including but not limited to rocks, soil, sand, bricks, tiles, concrete is classified as construction waste. The customer is to pay construction waste prices. The customer will be back charged if heavy waste is put in a general or green waste skip. Likewise, if any other waste types are placed in a green waste skip the customer will be back charged for the correct skip type.
  6. No asbestos. Without exception, it is prohibited to place any type of asbestos materials into a skip bin. If asbestos is found in a skip bin prior to removal from a customer’s property, it will not be removed until the asbestos is treated correctly. If asbestos is found in the skip bin after it has been tipped either at landfill or at a transfer station, high decontamination costs and possibly very heavy penalties may be imposed. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all costs, upon demand. Asbestos can be deadly to humans. If any of its staff or contractors are exposed to asbestos, Green Skips Qld will hold the customer liable for any future lawsuits or compensation claims.
  7. No liquids are to be placed in skip bin. Any cost of cleaning to skip bins, trucks, roadways or other property (including following vehicles) as a result of leaking liquids will be at the
    customer’s expense.
  8. No gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, batteries or other hazardous waste.
  9. Wet concrete is not to be poured into the skip bin. This includes unused concrete from concrete trucks. Any damage to skip bins or trucks in removing the concrete will be payable
    by the customer.
  10. Silica Dust. Crystal silica dust is hazardous. Silica dust can be found in concrete, soil, rocks and other materials. Customer is to wet down dry concrete prior to collection of the skip to
    supress any dust or implement dust suppression and control as per Australian Standards. If any of its staff or contractors are exposed to silica dust, Green Skips Qld will hold the customer liable for any future lawsuits or compensation claims.
  11. A customer must not overfill the skip bin past the safe load line on the top rim to ensure compliance with all Government Transport, Workplace Health and Safety and Chain of responsibility regulations.
  12. Any damage to skip bins caused by fire or any other activity including damage by machinery whilst loading will be charged out to the customer at the replacement cost of that skip bin.
  13. Additional Costs – any of these items below placed in skip bin will be additional cost on top of the skip hire. If any of these are found in skip bin upon tipping the customer will be back charged:
    Mattress (any size) – $33 (inclusive)
    Car tyre – $16.50 per tyre (inclusive)
    Truck tyre – $55 per tyre (inclusive)
    Tractor tyre – $220 per tyre (inclusive)
    Excavator tracks – $385 per track (inclusive