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How high can I fill the bin?

Fill the bin to the top rim, but please not any higher.

For safe transport of your waste the bins need to be covered and often stacked on top of another.

If you overfill the bin we may not be able to take the bin until the overfilled items are removed. This could incur additional expenses for your skip bin hire.

overfilled skip bin

Basically just about anything around the house, construction site or workplace that is neither hazardous waste type, regulated waste type, asbestos, prohibited items or liquids. 

Allowed and not-allowed items are shown on the Waste Types page.

Our prices include hire up to 7 days, but if for unforeseen circumstances arise please contact us and we can normally be flexible for an extra day or more providing the bin is not booked for another job.

We transport the waste to various waste transfer stations for sorting into recyclables, and to divert as much as possible from landfill.

No. The skip will be placed in a position that can be retrieved by our truck when it is fully loaded. We will try to place the skip where it suits you, but we have to consider access for the trucks, surfaces to place the bin on, any fall of the land, and what damage the truck may cause to your land or driveway.

The truck requires at least 3 metres width access from the road, and around 4 metres height for our lifting apparatus. The skip itself will only take up a small area and is best placed on gravel, concrete, grass or asphalt. Please be aware our trucks are large and heavy. Our professional drivers will take all care where possible, however occasionally we will brush past an overhanging tree or cause slight damage to some driveways. The driver is under your instruction when placing the skip and therefore we accept no liability for any damage caused to property, driveways or gardens.

We require full payment either prior to delivery or upon delivery of the empty skip.

If you use our online booking system then you will be paying via credit card on checkout. If you select cash on delivery then you will make payment via our mobile eftpos facility that our truck drivers will be carrying.

We do not offer discounts for cash so please don’t ask.

We try to turn our bins over every 7 days, but if you have a requirement for a skip to be onsite longer we charge a small weekly fee for any time past the first 7 days.